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Penguin Scores. London: Penguin Books, 1949-1955

“A series of 'pocket' music scores. The series was edited by Gordon Jacobs, who also wrote the Introductions to all but one of the 30 volumes. The first SC1 Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor was issued in June 1949. The final volume, SC30 appeared in April 1956.

The books were published in landscape format, with page size of 5¼" x 7¾" except for SC11, SC20 and SC28. All the books were printed by Lowe and Brydone, who produced a good quality and clarity of reproduction. Covers were initially designed by Elizabeth Friedlander, and some of the score cover designs were later replicated in the Penguin Poets series.”

"The Penguin (music) SCORES Series." In Penguin first editions


“No previous design had existed for the Music Scores series, and Tschichold was able to tackle the new design assignment with a fresh and inventive approach; he began by introducing a white title plate positioned just slightly above center on the cover. The white window shade included the featured musicians last name, for example, Beethoven, set in all uppercase monotype Caslon Old Face, followed by the title of the musical composition, offset in an enchanting monotype italic Caslon Old Face (...) The decorative and exquisite repeated Curwen Press patterned paper in a sophisticated monochromatic earthtone color palette was designed by the German designer Elizabeth Friedlander (1903-84).”

Richard B. Doubleday. Jan Tschichold designer: the Penguin years. New Castle: Oak Knoll; Aldershot: Lund Humphries, 2006 (p. 95-96 )

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