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Erich Grisar, Jan Tschichold. Mit Kamera und Schreibmaschine durch Europa. Berlin: Der Bücherkreis, 1932

“The two travelogue books that Tschichold designed for the book club had laminated card covers featuring photographic illustrations. The photographic illustrations inside the books were not integrated on the same pages as the text, as Tschichold had demonstrated in the design of Die neue Typographie, due to their being printed by a different technique (gravure) to the type (letterpress), a decision presumably taken to achieve the richest reproduction of the images. Nevertheless the photographs were bled off the edge of the pages, which was a relative novelty at this time. Indeed Tschichold was interested in establishing when this practice had begun, and was intrigued by Josef Albers's assertion that he had designed a publication in 1925 in which images bled off the edge of the page in this way (...) However, the author of one of the Bücherkreis books in which Tschichold employed this technique had some reservations about it and remarked that, at those pages where photographs bled off, readers' fingers would become inky from holding the book.”

Christopher Burke. Active literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography. London: Hyphen Press, 2007 (p. 217-218)

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