Kurt Wirth. 36e Biennale de Venise 1972: Suisse: Richard Paul Lohse, Willy Weber. Berne: Département fédéral de l'intérieur, 1972 

“This brochure accompanied the art exhibition representing Switzerland at the 36th biennale of Venice in 1972. Bern-based graphic designer and artist kurt wirth (*1917-1996) chose an opulent golden cover, with the name of "Switzerland" in the three official languages. The sans-serif letters are treated like abstract elements in modernist, "kinetic" art (...) Switzerland was represented by the painter Richard Paul Lohse (1902-1988) who was also an important pioneer of Swiss graphic design. Lohse's "multi-column, grid-based" painting proofs its conceptional similarities to Swiss typography.”

Felix Wiedler. “Book (design) story #345”. Book (design) stories. From new typography to swiss style: modernist book design in Germany and Switzerland 1925–1965 (and beyond), 2007 http://wiedler.ch/felix/books/story/345