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Max Bill. Die Farbe. Zürich: Kunstgewerbemuseum, 1944

“Let us turn now to a work that is not wholly art, but also not completely typography: a composition on the theme of color for a 1944 catalogue cover. The triangle as a constitutive element shows up relatively rarely in Bill’s work; it is actually seen to occur frequently only in later paintings. In earlier works -as with the two paintings rotated 45°- triangles are often the remaining areas, those surfaces not occupied by pictorial elements (...) With this particular cover, a commercial art work, the triangle is actually the theme and therefore the constitutive element. A large triangle, in which four smaller triangles in orange, green, light purple and white are inscribed, floats within the format at an angle -with no triangle edge parallel to the edges of the paper, but with all three points touching the paper edges (...) He handled the theme freely, worked with variations and created a piece of graphic art work that is masterful in its form and color, a work that finds is complement in a simple, brilliant typographic solution.”

Hans Rudolf Bosshard. “Concrete art and typography” In: Max Bill: typography, advertising, book design. Sulgen, Zürich: Niggli, 1999 (p. 60, 62)

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