Eugène Ionesco. Délire à deux. Gallimard, 1966

 “As a follow-up to La Cantatrice Chauve, Massin took his ideas to further extremes. Délire à deux (1965), another play by Ionesco, was given an even more chaotic treatment. Words, sound effects, and inkblots all collide on the page with reckless abandon. The seemingly random splotches are not gratuitous, however. They are a graphic translation of sound effects, outbursts, and words. Predating punk graphics by a good ten years, Délire à deux is an abrasive and uncompromising work, a cacophony of words on the page.”

John Gall, Steven Brower. “Massin ahead of time”. Steven Heller, Georgette Balance, (eds.). Graphic design history. New York: Allworth Press, 2001 (p. 171)