Jean Tardieu. Conversation-sinfonietta. Gallimard, 1966

“The vocal sextet of Conversation-sinfonietta, subtitled by Massin “an essay in typographical orchestration, still retains a semblance of visual rationality. In 1955 Jean Tardieu published a new cycle of poems and writings with the title Théâtre de chambre, which included Conversation-sinfonietta (…) In Massin’s layout, created in 1966 and imitating a musical score, the harmonious diversity of fonts retains a certain typographical rigour. Voices are set out in the score and defined both by typeface and by the identity of the characters, so that the lettering itself has an extraordinary presence as a living character.”

Laetitia Wolff. Massin. London: Phaidon, 2007 (p. 88)