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Masada. New York: Jewish Museum, 1967 

“Elaine’s ability to think conceptually and experiment with type and form, made her an apt choice for designing the catalogs to compliment The Jewish Museum’s commitment to contemporary art. Her designs are as minimal and abstract as the work they represent. Instead of solely displaying the name of the artist or exhibition, she used the catalog covers as mini canvases to reflect the spirit of the exhibition or pay homage to the artist’s style. Knowingly or not, Elaine created a unique and vibrant graphic personality for the museum. When looking at a sample of the many catalogs she designed, one can see the individuality of each.”

Megan Moltrup. Recovering the History of Graphic Design: The Voice & Vision of Elaine Lustig Cohen. Rochester: Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014 (p. 68)

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