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Het sosialisme als kultuurbeweging / Hendrik De Man. Amsterdam: Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale, 1928

“Vorrink's views were close to those of Belgian political theoretician Hendrik de Man, whose text for Het Socialisme als Kultuur-Beweging (Socialism as cultural movement) Vorrink translated from the German and distributed to to all AJC [Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale] memebers in positions of responsibility. Cohen identified closely with the humanist ethos and intellectual principles of the numerous AJC publications that she went on to design ... Apart from being the source of lifelong friendships that made her feel 'happy not to be alone in the wor.ld', the AJC became her first major client, and the network through which her political outlook and professional career developed.”


Jodi Hauptman, Adrian Sudhalter. Engineer, agitator, constructor: the artist reinvented, 1918-1939, The Merrill C. Berman Collection. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2020 (p. 244)

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