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Philip J. Stone, Dexter C. Dunphy, Marsall S. Smith, Daniel M. Ogilvie. The general inquirer: a computer approach to content analysis. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1966

“The work at the MIT Press covered all aspects of publishing, including some outstanding books among the five hundred-odd volumes of that period. The genres were both individual and systematic and ranged from unique art and architecture books, photography, and history of science to complex technical and scientific works. The bulk of the work was standard and repetitious and required a set of systematic but variable design solutions for limited budgets. Developing systems that would accomodate a wide range of variable elements was very much like designing processes.”

Steven Heller. “Muriel Cooper”. In: Graphic design in America: a visual language history. Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 1989 (p. 97)

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