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Asymmetric typography / Jan Tschichold. London: Reinhold Publishing; Toronto: Cooper & Beatty, 1967

“In 1967 a book by Tschichold with the title Asymmetric typography was published in London and Toronto. This was a translation of Typographische Gestaltung (1935), written and published in Switzerland. It had been Tschichold’s second major exposition of the New Typography, now refined and with a better and calmer claim to being the self-evident way to do it. The book’s title was simply ‘typographic design’. In its much later English-language edition, this claim was now qualified: by the change of title (implying that new typography was merely an option rather than a necessity), and by some disclaiming remarks by the older Tschichold (‘This being the author’s opinion in 1935’, one footnote interrupts). More confusing still, the book was designed, under the author’s supervision, in a manner that compromised between the old (‘new’) and the new (‘old’) Tschichold. He might perhaps have heeded the well-known truth that old pedants should not interfere with the productions of their younger selves.”

Robin Kinross. “Die neue Typographie: ein Handbuch für Zeitgemäss Schaffende”. Journal of design history, vol. 2, issue 1, 1989 (p. 47-48)

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