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Carl Otto Czeschka. Die Auswahl Gedichte / Gustav Falke. Hamburg: Alfred Janssen, 1910

“The new ornamentalism was first brought directly into the Wiener Werkstätte by two artists who joined up around the same time: Carl Otto Czeschka and Berthold Löffler. Czeschka, who headed a master class in painting at the Kunstgewerbeschule and was a former classmate of Moser's, became associated with the Wiener Werkstätte in 1905 (...) Löffler and Czeschka each possessed in equal parts a strong graphic sense and a flair for the decorative -a double interest in playful filigree and in the expressive refinement of flat form. Perhaps most important in the wake of the Werkstätte's purist phase, they both reintroduced the human figure as representational and aesthetic vehicle in its own right -something that was to be of crucial importance to the emerging Expressionist generation.”

Jane Kallir. Viennese design and the Wiener Werkstätte. London: Thames and Hudson, 1986 (p. 129)



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