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Piet Zwart. Nederlandsche Kabelfabriek, 1932

“In 1923, Zwart designed his first advertisements for the Nederlandsche Kabel Fabriek (Dutch Cable Works). This comission began an extraordinary client-designer relationship which would continue until 1933 and which generated some of the most original, venturesome, and provocative work in the Netherlands during this period. In 1938, Zwart referred to this style as 'functional' typography. Zwart brought to his works an imaginative use of language and acted as his own copywriter. He amplified phrases with basic typographic elements, and the text serves as a catalyst to his creativity, with words and their interpretations merging into single entities, each reinforcing the other.”

Alston W. Purvis. "Renewal and upheaval: Dutch design between the wars". In: Steven Heller, Georgette Ballance, eds. Graphic design history. New York: Allworth Press, 2001 (p. 324)

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