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Die Funktionen der Vitamine / Jürg Bär. Basel: Apollonia-Verlag: Roche, 1968

“Tschichold's commitment helped Roche's printed matter to present an image of the company which in its form perfectly expressed the 'restrain and quality' which it always held to be its typical qualities. His typography thus became an unobtrusive reflection of the firm's entrepreneurial perception of itself at the time (...) His revival of timeless Renaissance typography has helped to mould the style of modern printing and is still an enduring influence. Tschichold probably foresaw that inflated importance would be given to to image and graphic elements, and tried to restore dignity and restraint to the printed word itself, making it as easy and pleasant as possible for the reader to assimilate information. He did this by skilful definition of the empty space around words and very careful design of the spacing between them, thereby achieving regularity, expressive power and beauty.”

Alexander L. Bieri. “Jan Tschichold and Roche: obsessive perfection”. In: Idea, nº 321, 2007 (p. 144)

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