Der Sieg / Günther Mamlok, Sergius Sax. München: Verlag von R. Oldenbourg, 1932

“Sports were becoming increasingly popular in the 1920s, and many books were published about this subject – many in a modernist vein since sports were seen as healthy, just like modern architecture (...) No designer is credited in the impressum. However the book is featured in the new book on Tschichold by Le Coultre/Purvis [Jan Tschichold, master typographer: his life, work & legacy. London: Thames & Hudson, 2008] and attributed to Jan Tschichold (1902-1974). The publisher Oldenbourg was closely associated with the Munich Meisterschule were Tschichold taught.The typography is indeed very similar to some of Tschichold's books for "Der Bücherkreis", e.g. negative typesetting of title, table of contents style, and asymmetric page numbers, of course. On the spread above the photos are arranged in a grid pattern – a design concept later becoming a key element of "Swiss typography.”

Felix Wiedler. “Günther Mamlok, Sergius Sax: Der Sieg – ein Buch vom Sport”. Book (design) stories. From new typography to swiss style: modernist book design in Germany and Switzerland 1925–1965 (and beyond), 2007