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Karel Teige. Zlom / Konstantin Biebl. Odeon, 1928

“In the illustrations to the poems of Konstantin Biebl's Zlom (Break) and S lodí jež dováží čaj a kávu (With a Ship Importing Tea and Coffee), Teige made use of the technique of typomontage. He combined pink and yellow surfaces with black lines, letters, typographic symbols and signs, and occasionally even whole words, evoking a sense of distance and exoticism. He considered these collections as unified wholes, including the use of the colophon.”

Eric Dluhosch, Rostislav Švácha (eds.). Karel Teige, 1900-1951: l'enfant terrible of the Czech avant-garde. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999 (p. 79)

“Teige used the principle he had applied to Biebl's earlier collection S lodí jež dováží čaj a kávu in his graphic design for Zlom (expanded from the edition of 1925), a collection in which echoes of Biebl's earlier proletarian poetry are found. Teige's compositions, created from geometric shapes, typographical symbols, and letters, do not harmonize with the character of the poems; rather they stand as a parallel, individual, and independent expression.”

The Czech avant-garde and Czech book design: the 1920s and 1930s. Madison, New Jersey: Florham-Madison Campus Library, Farleigh Dickinson University, 1996 (p. 29)

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