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Ladislav SutnarČlověk nikdy neví / George Bernard Shaw. Druzstevní práce, 1931

“Sutnar's book-cover designs for works by the Irish left-wing playwright George Bernard Shaw, published by Druzstevní práce, are witty combinations of type and imagery in the spirit of what Jan Tschichold described as 'Die neue Typographie' (...) Futura, asymmetric composition and Typophoto (the combination of photography and lettering to maximum visual effect) had become standard signifiers of the Modernist sensibility by 1930. In his use of publicity fotos of the jaunty septuagenarian writer, Sutnar achieved a notable degree of playfulness.”

Christopher Wilk, ed. Modernism: designing a new world. London: V&A Publishing, 2006 (p. 392)

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