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Karel Teige. Dinah / Karel Konrád. Václav Petr, 1928

“This book, among Konrád's earliest prose works, is dedicated to Milena Krejcarová-Jesenská, a friend of Franz Kafka. Dinah is the name of a black singer whose songs captivate the imagination of an insignificant bureaucrat, so that she comes to dominate his dreams as well as his entire waking life. Dreams of Dinah fill the days of his imprisonment and continue to haunt him after his release. The themes of exotic places, dreams, and puns were characteristic of the Devětsil group, of which Konrád was a member. Teige used the main motifs of the story in the photomontage for the jacket.”

The Czech avant-garde and Czech book design: the 1920s and 1930s. Madison, New Jersey: Florham-Madison Campus Library, Farleigh Dickinson University, 1996 (p. 28)

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