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Karel Teige. S lodí jež dováží čaj a kávu / Konstantin Biebl. Odeon, 1928


​​“If all the members of Devětsil perhaps dreamed of visiting faraway places, Konstantin Biebl actually did so, travelling in 1926-1927 to Ceylon, Sumatra, and Java. His experiences there inspired the poems in S lodí jež dováží čaj a kávu. In his designs for the volume Teige rejected the motifs of ships, palms, the sea, and maps found in most of the Devětsil pictorial poems. Instead he formed the jacket, frontispiece, and a fold-out composition from geometric shapes and typographical signs. This effort at visual poetry approached a decorative style.”

The Czech avant-garde and Czech book design: the 1920s and 1930s. Madison, New Jersey: Florham-Madison Campus Library, Farleigh Dickinson University, 1996 (p. 27)

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