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Karel Teige. Stavba a báseň / Karel Teige. Olymp, 1927

“Even the title of Teige's collection of essays of 1927, Stavba a báseň (Building and Poem), was symptomatic of his way of thinking at the time. Reasoning via dualism had been part of European philosophy since antiquity, and in Teige's time practically all modern artists employed it in their theoretical reflections, but he was original in his attempt to provide it with a sociological basis. He was convinced that in the last analysis, all the opposites had their parallel in the battle between traditional art and avant-garde 'new art' and, by extension, between the old world of capitalism and the new world of capitalism.”

Eric Dluhosch, Rostislav Švácha (eds.). Karel Teige, 1900-1951: l'enfant terrible of the Czech avant-garde. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999 (p. 115)

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