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Ladislav Sutnar, August Tschinkel. III. Dělnická olympiada Československá, Praha 1934

“While the themes of robots and mechanization were nothing new to Sutnar's work -he had used them in his puppetry stagecraft a decade before- the design of the Olympiad pageantry is much more abstract. Sutnar in his monumental stylization of machinery used the essential Bauhaus forms and modules representing basic geometrical shapes. The design reveals similarities to the socially concerned paintings and graphics of Augustin Tschinkel, with whom Sutnar produced the second version of the Olympiad poster. The depiction of collective labor in both Tschinkel's work and the Olympiad stagecraft is characterized by a poignancy that shows the tense social climate of the 1930's.”

Iva Janáková (ed.). Ladislav Sutnar, Prague-New York: design in action. Prague: Museum of Decorative Arts, 2003 (p. 32)

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