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Karel Teige. Na vlnách TSF / Jaroslav Seifert. Václav Petr, 1925

“In the collection Na vlnách TSF Seifert inclined toward Poetism, a trend which found poetry and beauty in the contemporary modern world, liberated fantasy, and acknowledged playfulness and improvization. By this time Teige had turned away from illustration and representational art in general.  In this volume he attempted a 'typographical realization of the text'. He composed his 'picture poems' from typographical elements, creating a kind of typographical montage'. Here he attempted a blending of Constructivism and Poetism. He formulated his aim in the article 'Obrazy' (Pictures): 'Construction is the basis of the world. Poertry is the crown of life'.”

The Czech avant-garde and Czech book design: the 1920s and 1930s. Madison, New Jersey: Florham-Madison Campus Library, Farleigh Dickinson University, 1996 (p. 16)

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