Sister Corita. Footnotes and headlines: a play-pray book. New York: Herder and Herder, 1967

“Kent’s Footnotes and Headlines is a guide to understanding the artist’s pictorial and linguistic strategies; its text is partly comprised of writings from previous projects. The book’s title and format mirror the compositional structure of many of her screenprints from the period: ‘headlines’ consisting of large-scale text usually borrowed from advertisements or other popular media dominate the sheet, and ‘footnotes’, smaller texts that function as commentary, populate the background and margins.”

Susan Dackerman, ed. Corita Kent and the language of Pop. Cambridge: Harvard Art Museums; New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015 (p. 80)

“How juxtapositions produce new contexts and generate content is also vividly demonstrated in Corita’s 1967 book, Footnotes and Headlines. The fifty-two page ‘play-pray book’ is a tableau of typographic experimentation combining brightly colored type collages with Corita’s writing –‘prayers that read like a grocery list.’ The collages turn fragments of letterforms into backgrounds, on top of which advertising slogans in various configurations, sizes and typefaces are laid out. The volume explores and challenges the conventions of reading.”

​Julie Ault. Come alive!: the spirited art of Sister Corita. London: Four Corners Books, 2006 (p. 34)