L. Moholy-Nagy, 60 Fotos. Berlin: Klinkhardt und Biermann, 1930 (Fototek; 1)

Fototek 1 was the first part of a new series on modern photography, edited by Franz Roh and designed by Tschichold, the subject being Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (...) Fototek was produced in the size of 250 x 175 mm, half-way between A5 and A4, and in the same proportions. Tschichold would at that time probably have repudiated the suggestion that foto-auge and Fototek showed his 'style', since in Die neue Typographie he inveighs against individualism and personal styles, and would have claimed that he was practising merely a logical and international style (...) There is a meticulous sense of space and positioning but also a sense of surprise in an unexpected material, a colour combination, a piece of visual playfulness, as in the slanting of the title type on the cover of Fototek 1 which echoes the diagonal in the photograph above.”

Ruari McLean. Jan Tschichold: typographer. London: Lund Humphries, 1975 (p. 45-46)