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The Sonnets, and A Lover's Complaint / William Shakespeare. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1948 (The Penguin Shakespeare)

The Penguin Shakespeare was probably the series that had been most neglected typographically. The cover was red and plain; the typography set in Times with semi-bold headlines. Tschichold let Reynolds Stone, one of England’s most distinguished wood engravers, cut a portrait of Shakespeare for which Tschichold cut a frame with beautiful typography. With red type above and below the portrait, it is one of the most beautiful of Tschichold’s works. The text itself was set in Bembo type, and the title was also adorned with a square Stone portrait. The paper for this edition is wood free, and a little sticker than that used for normal Penguins. The paper colour was also altered to a comfortable, pale yellow tone, and the combination of the paper mass was altered. The Penguin Shakespeare was unrecognisable.”

Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen. The typography of Penguin Books. Richmond, Surrey: Penguin Collectors’ Society, 2004 (p. 16-17)

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