Irma Boom : biography in books. Amsterdam: Grafische Cultuurstichting, 2010


Irma Boom: the architecture of the book. Eindhoven: Lecturis, 2013 

“Irma Boom creates a scale model which is the size of a matchbox, no matter how big or thick the ultimate book is to be. The catalogue published last year in connection with a retrospective of her work refers to these small models. This bright-red booklet, containing 704 pages, measures only five by four centimeters. At the same time Booms little book is, in fact, an ode to the miniature book, which emerged in printed form during the late fifteenth century -soon after the invention and wider use of typography.”


Irma Boom: biography in books: books in reverse chronological order, 2010-1986, with comments here and there. Amsterdam : Grafische Cultuurstichting, 2010 (p. 223)