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Herbert Matter. "Svizzera: vacanze invernali, vacanze ideali". L'Illustrazione Italiana, 1936

“Printed by photogravure in black, red and blue; text overprinted by lithography in dark green. The red appears as a slightly varied tint on the face, and almost solid to make the softly vignetted, airbrushed  background to the white crosses. The diagonal tilt of the type, crosses and head is emphasized by the mechanical white ruling, a kind of formalized snow which also stands in for the knitted ribs of the woman's absent sweater. As is not unusual in Matter's work, there is a surreal spirit to the design: the head without a body, the skiers  hurtling from the tops of the mountains.”

Richard Hollis. Swiss graphic design: the origins and growth of an international style, 1920-1965. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006 (p. 87)

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