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The Face, nº 51, July 1984

“By 1984, Brody had instituted a highly expressive design and another magazines had begun mimicking the style of The Face. Brody introduced the first custom typeface with issue 50, establishing a daringly unique aesthetic. In the subsequent 25-plus issues, new typefaces would appear as soon as the reader had become familiar with the previous ones. Brody also began to contort letterforms, creating an endlessly mutable range of typographic solutions for headlines and story leads while leaving the body text highly accessible. He also played with the continuity afforded by the magazine, gradually deconstructing or morphing a section's title to its most abstract possibilities. Typography was mixed with graphic symbols and devices, sometimes to the point of blurring the line between text and object, creating a new visual vocabulary.”


Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Armin Vit. Graphic design referenced: a visual guide to the language, application, and history of graphic design. Beverly: Rockport, 2009 (p. 332)


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