Mit Kamera und Schreibmaschine durch Europa / Erich Grisar. Berlin: Der Bücherkreis, 1932

“Realized apparently in a more straightforward fashion is another travel account, Erich Grisar’s Mit Kamera und Schreibmaschine durch Europa (Crosing Europe with a camera and a typewriter) from 1932. The printed cover boards show spectacular juxtapositions of press photos, as a preview of the book’s visual strategy. The short narratives, typeset in sans serif, were contrasted with telling pictures from his journey, resulting in a modern book as a whole, with aesthetics reminiscent of the illustrated press”.

Patrick Rössler. New typographies, Bauhaus & beyond: 100 years of functional graphic design in Germany. Göttingen: Wallstein, 2018 (p. 127)