Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Neben der Heerstrasse: Erzählungen von Jakob Bosshart. Zürich: Verlag von Grethlein & Co., 1923

“Using the woodcut technique, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner created twenty-two illustrations, the title page, and the cover for this collection of six novellas by Swiss author Jakob Bosshart. Kirchner met Bosshart in Davos-Frauenkirch, Switzerland, the Alpine village to which the artist had moved in 1918. Bosshart, like Kirchner, had originally come to Davos seeking alleviation for his depression. Artist and writer were each captivated with the other's work, and presumably around the summer and fall of 1922, Kirchner began to create the woodcuts for Bosshart's texts.”

Iris Schmeisser. German Expressionist Digital Archive Project, German Expressionism: works from the collection [online]. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2011