Das Kunstblatt, 10. Weimar, 1917

“The Expressionist era was very much that of the periodical (...) Many of these journals  subsisted on contemporary art, and came into existence along with new trends; indeed, they were often edited by men of letters (...) Brief mention may also be made of two art journals: Genius (1919-21), edited in Munich by C. G. Heise, H. Mardersteig and K. Pinthus; and Das Kunstblatt (1917-1931) published in Potsdam under the editorship of Paul Westheim. Neither was in any special sense an Expressionist periodical, but both -particularly Das Kunstblatt- proved themselves extremely useful in clarifying the theory and extending the popularity of Expressionist art.”

Lothar Lang. Expressionist book illustration in Germany, 1907-1927. London: Thames and Hudson, 1976 (p. 71-72)