Nicholas Negroponte. The architecture machine. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1970

“Cooper formed long-term relationships across the Institute [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] while working at the [MIT] Press, both with faculty members whose books she designed and later with those interested in her experimental printing practice emerging within the Press. One of these long-term relationships was with the young architect-turned-computer-scientist Nicholas Negroponte (...) Cooper designed his first book The Architecture Machine (...) The cover of The Architecture Machine features. a foil-stamped, four-by-four grid corresponding to the modular typographic grid inside (...) The book's title, in Helvetica type disposed somewhat awkwardly across the squares on the cover, hints at the tensions of accomodating human intention within the constraints of a rigid system.”

David Reinfurt, Robert Wiesenberger. Muriel Cooper. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2017 (p. 6)