Aenne Biermann, 60 Fotos. Berlin: Klinkhardt und Biermann, 1930 (Fototek; 2)

“Roh and Tschichold's shared passion for 'New Photography' led to a further publishing venture, a projected series of photographic monographs, again with tri-lingual text and designed by Tschichold. The series was christened 'Fototek: books of modern photography', and the list of envisioned titles reflected a catholic survey of modern photography, including studies of sport photographs and 'the concept of kitsch in photography'. Doubtless due partly to unfavourable economic circumstances, only the first two volumes in the series were published, monographs on Moholy-Nagy and Aenne Biermann (both 1930) with introductions by Roh.”

Christopher Burke. Active literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography. London: Hyphen Press, 2007 (p. 107-108)