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Antonio Sant’Elia. Futurisme, le manifeste de l’architecte Sant’Elia en 1914”. L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui, nº 8, Boulogne sur Seine, 1933

“I affirm: That Futurist architecture is the architecture of cold calculation, bold audacity, and simplicity; the architecture of reinforced concrete, iron, glass, textile fibers, and all those replacements for wood, stone, and brick that make for attaining the maximum of elasticity and lightness. That Futurist architecture is not, for all that, an arid combination of practicality and utility, but remains art, that is, synthesis and expression (...) That decoration, as something superimposed on architecture, is absurd and that only from the use and disposition of raw, naked, or violently colored materials can the decorative value of Futurist architecture be derived (...) That architecture must be understood as the attempt, to be pursued with freedom and boldness, to harmonize man and his environment, that is, to render the world of things into a direct projection of the world of the human mind (...) Every generation will have to make its own city anew.”

Antonio Sant'Elia. "Futurist architecture".  Futurism: an anthology, edited by Lawrence Rainey, Christine Poggi, and Laura Wittman. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009  (p. 201)

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