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Richard Paul Lohse. Der Vogel / Gertrud Hess. Zürich: Büchergilde Gutenberg, 1946

“During World War II, book production in Switzerland more than doubled, the Swiss publishing industry still being the least affected by the lack of material resources and censorship that was rampant elsewhere. On the contrary, Switzerland was enlivened by the influx of authors and publishers. Book designers also benefited -the Büchergilde Gutenberg, for example, often worked with graphic designers during its Swiss exile, chief among them Richard Paul Lohse, rather than simply with illustrators and book artists.”

Christian Brändle, et al. 100 years of Swiss graphic design. Zürich: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, 2014 (p. 296)


“Richard Paul Lohse (1902-1988) designed most of the dustjackets for the Büchergilde's scientific series between 1943 and 1954. This photomontage of a flying bird and diagram of an egg with a background colour blending from an earthy brown to a sky blue is particularly beautiful. The jacket's asymmetric title is in akzidenz-grotesk, while the typography of the cover and inner pages is in a different, standardised style (presumably not by Lohse).”

Felix Wiedler. “Gertrud Hess: der Vogel”. Book (design) stories. From new typography to Swiss style: modernist book design in Germany and Switzerland 1925–1965 (and beyond), 2007

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