Herbert Matter. Im Auto durch die Schweiz. Zürich: Schweizerischen Verkehrszentrale, 1934

“For over half a century, Herbert Matter pioneered a form of graphic photography that permanently exceeded the narrow limitations of what had been deemed possible in the medium's short history. Challenging the literal image and its fetishistic desire for prints uncorrupted by manupulation or artifice, Matter identified the photographic process as permeable and suggestive to experimentation and adaptation. By viewing the subservient relationship of the camera to outward appearance as only one of many routes to original imagery, Matter liberated photography, permitting ideas, impressions, and inspirations to come from any quarter or realm (...) Forming a bridge between photography and design, Matter's distinctive imagery meshed perfectly with his sophisticated treatment of line and form to produce works of stunning originality.”

Christian Brändle (ed.). 100 years of Swiss graphic design. Zürich: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, 2014 (p. 105)