Le Corbusier. Vers une architecture. Nouvelle édition revue et augmentée. Paris: Éditions Vincent, Fréal & Cie, 1958

“The question of new editions presented Le Corbusier with a specific problem in the 1950s -how to imbue old books with a new life and stress the topicality of ideas developed decades earlier. The solution adopted for the three titles dating from the 1920s entailed a graphic response that managed to preserve the original covers -reproduced in facsimile, as were the inner pages of the book- while giving them a new appearance by adding a transparent dust jacket, silkscreened in red or yellow with a line drawing (which represented one of Le Corbusier’s interests at the time). These illustrations could thus be placed over the original version of the cover without hiding it. A figure of his Bull series (part of Le Corbusier’s artistic repertoire of the 1950s) was used for Vers une architecture, while a silhouette of the Open Hand (destined to become a monumental sculpture in Chandigarh) graced L’Art décoratif d’aujourd’hui.”

Catherine de Smet. Le Corbusier, architect of books. Baden: Lars Müller, 2005 (p. 108)