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Max Bill. Max Bill : Galerie im Erker, St. Gallen, 8. April bis 27. Mai 1967. St. Gallen: Erker-Verlag, 1967

“Bill wrote in his essay 'about typography' that the precise basic material of typesetting was perfectly suited for developing an exact rhythm. But this ideal case never quite corresponded to reality. A further reason was the meager economic basis on which much work was produced: The expensive blocks could often be borrowed from trade journals and did not have to be specially made. He would therefore adopt their sizes and must have either adjusted his design ideas to them or integrated the blocks after a fashion into his existing design. Bill obviously did the same even in his own exhibition catalogues, in which he reused the same blocks (...) Measuring only 105x148 mm, this small catalogue for the 1956 catalogue of the Ulm Art Association contains illustrations the size of postage stamps which would be used again, along with others, in the catalogue for the Galerie im Erker in St. Gallen, 1967, and the Zurich Kunsthaus, 1969.

Hans Rudolf Bosshard. "Concrete art and typography". In: Max Bill: typography, advertising, book design. Sulgen, Zürich: Niggli, 1999 (p. 74, 100)

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