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Richard Paul Lohse. Lohse, Zürich, Zwitserland. Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, 1961 

“By the early 1960s Richard Paul Lohse (1902-1988) was a well-known graphic designer, but his success as an abstract painter just started to take off on an international level. In 1961 Willem Sandberg offered Lohse a solo exhibition at the renowned Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Lohse also designed the exhibition catalogue, in his typical style: multi-column, grid-based layout with asymmetric titles and sans-serif – but (unlike Bill, Gerstner, and others) Lohse never used unjustified setting of text.”

Felix Wiedler. “Book (design) story #356”. Book (design) stories. From new typography to swiss style: modernist book design in Germany and Switzerland 1925–1965 (and beyond), 2007

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