Hans Neuburg. Chemie Werbung und Grafik. Publicité et graphisme dans l'industrie chimique. Publicity and graphic design in the chemical industry. Zürich: ABC Verlag, 1967

“Four books in the 1960s, all trilingual -in German, French and English- and all reviewed internationally, celebrated the role of graphic design in the commercial and cultural life of the country. These were Graphic Art of a Swiss Town and Official Graphic Art in Switzerland by Walter Bangerter and Armin Tschanen; and Hans Neuburg's Graphic Design in Swiss Industry and  Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry- all published. in Zurich by ABC Verlag. Not only the quantity of books, but also the quality of their production and the confident Modernism of their design -organization on the grid, consistent use of sanserif, square-back binding- made a lasting imapact on book design in other countries.”

Richard Hollis. Swiss graphic design: the origins and growth of an international style. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006 (p. 246)