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Op de kentering der tijden. Amsterdam: Arbeiders Jeugd-Centrale, 1925

“More calligraphic in inspiration, the covers for Vorrink's De Komende Nieuwe Kultuur (the coming new culture) and Op de Kentering der Tijden (On the changing times) combine gently curved linocut letters with letterpress in robust and expressive layouts. Both titles were parised in De Reclame (Advertisement) magazine and were featured in a major international survey of contemporary socialist art held in 1930 at the Stedelijk Museum, which included work by figures such as Gerd Arntz, Walter Gropius, Valentina Kulagina, and Frans Masereel. Cohen seems to have had little concern for exhibiting or publishing her work outside the Netherlands; this exhibition marked a rare appearance in the context of an international avant-garde.”


Jodi Hauptman, Adrian Sudhalter. Engineer, agitator, constructor: the artist reinvented, 1918-1939, The Merrill C. Berman Collection. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2020 (p. 244)

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