A book of scripts / Alfred Fairbank. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1949

(King Penguin Book)

“Of particular note in the King Penguin series is A Book of Scripts by Alfred Fairbank (1895-1982). Tschichold adapted the cover design from a page in Arte subtilissima intitulada ortographia pratica, a classic work on calligraphy and engraving by the 16th century Spanish writing master Juan de Yçiar (1515-90). Tschichold was concerned with the quality of reproductions, particularly when it involved calligraphy and exquisite lettering. For A Book of Scripts, Tschichold utilized his early training as a calligrapher by drawing the roman capitals by hand on the front and back cover, carefully restoring them to their original shapes. The National Book League recognized this title as one of the best-designed books of 1949.”

Richard B. Doubleday. “Jan Tschichold at Penguin Books: the resurgence of classical book design”. In: Idea, nº 321, 2007 (p. 109)