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Edward Allen. Stone shelters. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1969

“At the Press, Muriel was able to directly engage the mechanics of mass production and this quickly became
her primary concern. Because of the large number of titles published in one year and the relative slowness
of their graphic production, she was not able to be meaningfully involved in the design of each book.
Rather, she soon realized that efficient and responsive production systems had to be designed which would allow for the quantity of titles produced while maintaining a high level of design. She developed a rigorous classification and routing system for the design and production of books at MIT Press which identified and tracked projects along a streamlined process of design and production. By completely engaging the conditions of mass production and by designing systems to account for these, she produced a consistently high-standard of design across a very large number of titles produced at MIT Press during her tenure.”

David Reinfurt. This stands as a sketch for the future: Muriel Cooper and the Visible Language Workshop. 2007

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