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“Constants and variables of West-bound transatlantic flight.” Future, vol. IV, nº 2, April/May, 1949

“The four 'Future Books' and five subsequent volumes (29 numbers) of Future magazine addressed many facets of post-war economic and social development principally in Britain but also elsewhere, especially in Britain's overseas territories (...) The integration of text, graphic, and photographic content in both the book and the magazine, much of it in colour and including many Isotype contributions, was sophisticated and engaging (...) From thr start, Fortune magazine, the lavish, large-format business monthly published in the USA, was taken as a point of comparison and a model. Neurath envisioned the proposed periodical as a 'symposium', to which Isotype would make a substantial contribution through charts and other graphics that were partly self-standing, offering a counterpoint to the articles they accompanied rather than simply illustrating them. But Neurath also understood that the new periodical should not contain too much Isotype work in general, or pictorial statistics in particular. Whatever was included should be 'informative, educational and explanatory' and visually impressive.”


Christopher Burke, Eric Kindel, Sue Walker, eds.. Isotype: design and context, 1925-1971. London: Hyphen Press, 2013 (p. 438)

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