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Een Half jaar vrijheid : 180 dagen opbouw na 1800 dagen afbraak / Nederlandse Stichting voor Statistiek. Amsterdam : H.J.W. Becht, 1945

“Neurath's staff counted between 20 to 25 at the time, 3 to 6 of which worked in the drawing department were Arntz acted as design director. Arntz's designs were transferred by calqued paper onto the linoleum, cut out and then sent to the in-house printers'. Outlining the lay-outs and inserting texts and symbols was the task of assistants, among which were frequently students of the Bauhaus, where Neurath occasionally lectured.

In February 1934, the Austrian Nazi's oust the socialist government of Vienna, and Neurath and Arntz and their families leave the country and emigrate to The Hague, the Netherlands, where Neurath has meanwhile set up an extension  of the Vienna Museum, the Mundaneum Foundation. By then the museum's content has been evacuated and the collection is later transported to The Hague aswell. For their work on visual statistics and with the help of Dutch colleagues, the Austrians establish the Dutch Foundation for Statistics [Nederlandse Stichting voor Statistiek].”


Ed Annink, Max Bruinsma. Lovely language: words divide, images unite. Rotterdam: Veenman, 2008 (p. 87-88)

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