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I'll show you how it happens / Marie Neurath. New York: Chanticler Press, 1950 (London: Parrish, 1948)

“The use of cut-through illustrations to show, rather than tell, how things work became a method used regularly by Neurath on the Isotype children’s books for the next two decades. As a technique, it spoke directly to the innate curiosity of children and their desire to understand the world around them. In children’s educational books Marie found an ideal place to put Isotype’s methods into practice. Young readers were more engaged by pictures than words, and this focus on the visual meant these books were easily translated and published abroad, fulfilling Isotype’s original aims of being truly international.”


Theo Inglis. "Meet Marie Neurath, the Woman Who Transformed Isotype Into an International Endeavor." AIGA Eye On Design, September 17, 2019.

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