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A l'abri du besoin en Grande-Bretagne : historique du progrès social en Grande-Bretagne et exposé du plan Beveridge / Ronald Davison. Londres: George G. Harrap & Company, 1944 (Social Security: the story of British social progress and the Beveridge plan / by Sir Ronald Davison; visualized by ISOTYPE. London: George G. Harrap & Company, 1943)

“This booklet summarizes the report by the economist William Beveridge that sowed the seeds for the British welfare state. At the time the booklet was published, Beveridge and his report were out of favour with politicians, despite great public support.

Editions were published in Dutch, French, and Italian, each with the same isotype charts.

Some charts in Social security were printed with process screens, in order to produce tints and combinations of the solid blue, red, green and black inks. The screens are rather coarse and, when printed on the rough paper (presumably dictated by wartime restrictions), the result lacks the precision of most previous Isotype colour work, which had generally employed solid colours only.”


Christopher Burke, Eric Kindel, Sue Walker, eds. Isotype: design and contexts, 1925-1971. London: Hyphen Press, 2013 (p. 356)

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