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The wonder world of animals / Marie Neurath. London : Max Parrish, 1952 (4 ed. 1957)

“Her way of working was ahead of its time. She believed in collaboration; designing with people; getting feedback. The children’s books were made by a team of people: researchers, writers, illustrators and designers, including Olga Bursill, Clive Weatherhead, Kenneth James, Dennis and Barbara Young and Ilse Reisenbach. Some worked part-time and from their homes, sending drawings from home. Everything was reviewed and commented on by Marie, and she engaged rigorously with production teams demanding attention to detail and high quality in printing (...) The books began with research in libraries, books, conversations with experts. Then, lots of sketching, drawing, trying things out. The books were designed in spreads with careful working out of the relationship between pictures and text. Drawings and ideas were shown to experts so they could check for scientific accuracy.”


Jenny Brewer, Sue Walker. "'Like a little factory making picture books': The wondrous work of Marie Neurath." It's Nice That, 19 July, 2019.

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