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Primary structures. New York : Jewish Museum, 1966 (reprint: Yale University Press, 2014)

“In 1966, Elaine Lustig Cohen designed the exhibition catalog for Primary Structures: Younger American and British Sculptors. This show highlighted conceptual, minimalist sculpture by artists such as John McCracken and Judy Chicago. Elaine described the show as being very architectural; recalling one of the pieces as “just a slab leaned against a wall”. While designing the cover, Elaine
attempted to portray what someone would see in the exhibition in two-dimensional form. Utilizing both primary shapes and colors, she completed a notable catalog. Not only is it her favorite catalog that she has designed throughout her career, but The Jewish Museum values it as well. Other Primary Structures, an exhibition that opened in March 2014, is a sequel to Primary Structures that was inspired by Elaine Lustig Cohen’s original design catalog. Her catalog was successful due to the delicate balance of serious and playful that Elaine portrayed.”

Megan Moltrup. Recovering the History of Graphic Design: The Voice & Vision of Elaine Lustig Cohen. Rochester: Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014 (p. 66)

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