Otto Piene. More sky. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press , 1973

“Cooper also supervised the design of another future MIT colleague in the arts. The German artist Otto Piene's 1973 More sky, published by the Press, was a kind of handbook for the engaged artist-planner considering large-scale, collaborative public interventions The next year, Piene would become director of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, the studio art and media group which Kepes has established in 1967. Like Cooper's Visible Language Workshop, CAVS would be located in the Department of Architecture, and the VLW's offset presses would be the site of much collaboration, also with Cooper's colleagues in Design Services. The MIT Press, particularly via Cooper, was thus an early nexus for the arts at MIT.”

David Reinfurt, Robert Wiesenberger. Muriel Cooper. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2017 (p. 10)