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XXXII International Biennial Exhibition of Art, Venice 1964 : United States of America. New York : Jewish Museum, 1964

“In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Jewish Museum showed some of the most avant-garde artists of the time, and working with its director, Alan Solomon, provided Elaine with a unique opportunity. Salomon had the vision to take contemporary artists like Jasper Johns who had been shown only in galleries up until that point, and bring their work to a major museum. When describing their relationship, Elaine said, 'I never had to explain my ideas to Alan because he understood what I was trying to do immediatly and rarely disliked the solutions'.”

Aaris Sherin. Elaine Lustig Cohen: modernism reimagined. Rochester: RIT Press, 2014 (p. 28)

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